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11 Times a Bridesmaid, 10 Lessons Learned

This past weekend, I walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid for the 11th time. It took me ten weddings, […]

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On A Wednesday — Playlist 8.26

Another week, another playlist. Beach day, road trip, house cleaning — you name it, this playlist can meet you where […]

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On A Wednesday — Playlist 8.19

If we are going to talk about obsessions — the conversation starts here, with this playlist. Because “Abby Lee” by […]

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On A Wednesday — 8.12. Playlist

Tradition— it’s something that I adore. I love the idea of doing something on a consistent basis + sharing the […]

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Shoesday Tuesday: The Suede Obsession

When I say that I have developed a serious shoe obsession… I am not lying. A couple months ago I […]

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15 Qualities Every Leader Ought To Have

Growing up, I always thought being a leader was a glamorous job. I mean, it is, kinda. In my young mind, […]

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5 Things to Do Before 5 PM

1. LISTEN I may or may not have made a new playlist: “On A Wednesday”. The secret is that I […]

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Sweet Monday

Happy, Happy Monday loves! We hope you had one fantastic weekend, as they all should be! This Monday we find […]

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4 Ideas for Finding a Friend + Building Community

My birthday is in November, and I never think about it until it’s time to start holiday shopping and turkey […]

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 Outstretch your arms, open your heart, and welcome all the crazy wild ideas that flood your mind. Don’t ignore them. Treasure them, treat them as your friends, and entertain them. Because when you do, magic happens. When you begin to welcome and entertain ideas that pass by — you’ll realize that you indeed are an idea person. You are a person with crazy wild ideas that can change the world. You are a person who has the ability to shift culture, to create something new, and to bring joy to the world around you. Once you begin to entertain the ideas, believe in them. That’s when the real magic happens, magic that is inexplicable. Because when you welcome new ideas + believe in them, you’ll live them out. And that’s what the world really needs from you — they need you to believe in the ideas you have. Because, without a doubt, you have ideas inside of you that the rest of the world cannot wait to experience. #theeverydaygirl feat. @abby_tohline | #becomingwild  #ICYMI: New York! New York! We're comin' for you and bringing a whole bunch of wild hearts with us! • Early bird registration is officially open for @wildheartswknd in NYC. If you are wild heart with big dreams you are ready to chase, you aren't going to want to miss this weekend! Among the inspirational and small business workshops, we'll be attending "Waitress" the Broadway Musical... Which, btw, just won several Tony Awards!  • Register before July 21st and you'll not only get the early bird rate ($200 off the regular price), but you will be entered to win a round trip ticket to NYC for the wknd! ✨✈️ Register : link in bio. NYC Wknd Tour Dates: 15-18 September. • Tag a girlfriend in the comments + invite her to NYC wknd getaway! #theeverydaygirl feat. @melodyjoymunn | #becomingwild
 We dare you, go wild (and never look back). #theeverydaygirl feat. @jazzyhwang | #becomingwild  Dreams come true for the crazy individuals who dare to dream. ✨ #theeverydaygirl feat. @jacksonvictoria_ | #becomingwild |  snapchat: @hellowildhearts
 It is easy to confuse our thoughts with what is truth. But reality check— not all your thoughts are truth. Our mind likes to play tricks on us. They like to take our past experiences, our fears, our insecurities and fill in the blank with thoughts that appear to be true. Key word: appear. We tell ourselves that because someone left us, we’re not good enough. We tell ourselves that we because we failed at a business endeavor, we’re not smart enough. We tell ourselves that because we got our heart broken, that we’ll never be happy or worthy of love. We tell ourselves that because we didn’t get the job we wanted, that we have no future. Wild heart, don’t let your mind go there. Don’t allow your mind to distract you from the life you were created to live. Don’t get on the wrong train of thought. Just because you had a thought does not mean that you need to ride the train of thought. Your thoughts are just thoughts — not truths. For the moments you cannot decipher what truth is — here it is: You are loved. You are valued. You are important. You have purpose. You are meant for something great. You have an entire future waiting for you that is filled with beautiful unexpected surprises that are going to take your breath away. You are enough. You are likeable. Your personality is just the right combination of cool and quirky. You are intriguing in every sense of the meaning. You are worthy. You are royal. You are a queen. #theeverydaygirl feat. @thewhimsysoul | #becomingwild  As a dreamer, sometimes the biggest challenge isn't coming up with ideas to execute -- it's figuring out how to manage your time to get them all done. #OnTheDotcom we have 7 tips to help you maximize your time so you can make your dreams come true. Whether you are still working a 9-to-5 and trying to launch your business or you are just getting started as a full-time entrepreneur, this is for you. Read the article : link in bio. #becomingwild #theeverydaygirl |  snapchat: @hellowildhearts
 This is our kind of workspace. Where’s your favorite place to work on your passion project? Leave a comment below. We can’t wait to hear where your creative juices start flowing! #theeverydaygirl feat. @withgraceandgold | #becomingwild  Okay, so maybe you didn’t win the ticket to @wildheartswknd in Denver— but there’s still a ✨few✨more spaces to join us on a wknd of adventure. Get on over to the dotcom, purchase your ticket, and start packing because DENVERISCALLING! You’ve got things to do and dreams to accomplish in this life time, wild heart! There’s no time to waste. #theeverydaygirl photo by @commoninspiration | #becomingwild Denver Wknd Date: 14-17 July
 To all the wild hearts who have been working hard to get their ideas off the ground... keep at it. If it seems like no one is paying attention, keep at it. If it seems like everyone is passing you, keep at it. If it seems like you're getting nowhere, keep at it. Because one day you are gonna wake up and realize that people care, that what you have created matters, that the ideas you've been working on have influence. And when that day comes, gosh, it's going to be such a sweet day. You're not allowed to give up, wild heart. The rest of us need the ideas you have burning inside you. #theeverydaygirl #becomingwild  BIG NEWS! Registration for NYC @wildheartskwnd is NOW OPEN! Hurry up and go reserve your spot because we’ve got two really good reasons why you should. 1) Right now, you can get your wknd for the early bird rate of $599 (which is $200 off the regular price!) 2) When you register before July 21st, you’ll be entered to win a roundtrip ticket to meet us in NYC for the wknd! We can think of a million other reasons, too! Like eating yummy food in the heart of Brooklyn, going to see Broadway play, and dreaming for a wild and extravagant life together! Tag a girlfriend below and invite her to come with you! #WildHeartsWknd #WildHeartsNYC #becomingwild #theeverydaygirl
 It's about the little things you do everyday. Making your dreams come true doesn't mean there has to be this life altering change overnight, it means that everyday you do something that gets you closer to where you want to be. Go out there, wild heart, start doing! ✌️ #becomingwild #theeverydaygirl |  snapchat: @hellowildhearts  Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is. ✨ Tag a girlfriend, pass on the reminder!  #theeverydaygirl photo by @abby_tohline | #becomingwild |  snapchat: @hellowildhearts