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 Nude! With a splash of coral. Sweet and simple, @fashiongiulylove. #c2cstreetseen + #c2css  If could do anything in the world, and knew you wouldn't fail - what would you do? Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear! cc: @chelseamunizzi
 As a community, we are beyond excited to be a part of @yellowconference. The conference is designed for women like each of us, ordinary women who are ready to put on their high heels, red lipstick, and take a risk or two in order to do something extraordinary in this world. Check our the dotcom to get the full scoop about the conference, the speakers, and a special promo code you can use for 10% discount of registration! The code is good until April 21st! You won't want to miss out on this event! Rumor has it that @lindseyeryn will be there along with @hannahbrencher from @moreloveletters + @dalepartridge from @sevenly! www.coasttocoastcentral.com/blog  I want to be brave enough to swim with sharks, to jump off the cliffs of croatia + dive into the deep blue ocean, and climb the highest mountain to see what life looks like from the top of the world. And if I could muster up enough bravery + shake off the nervous jitters, I would wish to be on Broadway! And, of course, sing "Take Me or Leave Me" from the musical, Rent!  @lindseyeryn #thecoastalcommunity
 Darlings! We've been working on a little secret! Today, we're beyond ecstatic to reveal our new dotcom + promo video! The magic maker, @jessedowd, has given the Coast To Coast dotcom a fresh look + vibrant vibes! And @paulcrivera has captured the heart + girly essence of our community on film. Go on! Take take a peek, get lost, and enjoy the new home of Coast to Coast Central. www.coasttocoastcentral.com  A girl should be two things: classy + fabulous. [Coco Chanel] cc: @laurengoods
 Girlfriends! Join us tomorrow for #coasttocoastchallenge! We're doing all things aquatic! So pull out the blue, the white, the stripes, and anything in between! We want to see how you style this spring trend! Try a little blue, white, or red color blocking, or opt for a pattern on pattern look! Whatever you do, think blue! Here is how you join: 1] Invite a girlfriend, because everything is sweeter when our besties are involved. 2] Snap a photo of your creative spin on Life Aquatic! 3] Upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #CoastToCoastChallenge.  We welcome any opportunity to wear flirty florals! Check out the dotcom for 6 ways we'll be wearing florals for spring! Compliments of the #coasttocoastchallenge babes! www.coasttocoastcentral.com
 When in comes to sweet treats, I am truly obsessed! I typically don't believe in playing favorites. I love everything from peanut butter cups and dark chocolate to peach rings and sour gummy worms, pumpkin pie and eek... don't get me started on frozen treats! Mint chocolate chip ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, and tart froyo topped with granola and fruit over laughs with my gal pals! If I had to pick a favorite dessert... I adore ending a day in the Florida sun by spending quality time with loved ones indulging in homemade fruit popsicles! The best desserts come hand in hand with the people who make your heart happy.  @dalennna #thecoastalcommunity  This girl, @lindsayburick, is a next level babe. Not only does she wear flirty florals like a queen, but she is living out what it means to #wearlove. We find it truly beautiful that Lindsay is using her voice to fight for the voiceless, women in sex trafficking. There is nothing more beautiful than using your freedom to fight for the freedom of others. #C2CActivist
 Welcome to Sweet Monday, darlings! We're thanking @otherwisehope for this Monday reminder! Let's take on today with complete confidence, shall we? XO's   @olivialaura, oww oww! You are adorable with your checkered pink skirt, white crop top, and black kitten heels. Ahhh! We're in love! #c2cstreetseen + #c2css


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